Our mission is to give everyone the power to act for a more diverse, more sustainable, more open world.
Because more and more people want to act for a better world and find it a challenge to move from idea to action, Ulule helps creators take this big leap and succeed.

We strive to help creators and entrepreneurs finance their projects. Above all, we want to help them realise their ideas, co-create with their communities, make noise about their projects and ultimately make them grow.

The strength of the Ulule community is its ability to amplify the impact of projects: it is what we call “augmented impact”, to build this more diverse, more sustainable and more open world!

Today we are the leading participatory incubator of positive impact projects in Europe. Our community of 3 million users is a diverse mix of individuals, non-profit organisations, companies. All agents of change, at the forefront of the world of tomorrow.

We are makers supporting makers
Above all, we believe in action. The meaning of our mission is to facilitate the action of those who carry projects with a positive impact as well as those who want to support them. For this, we foster a strong test & learn environment, always looking for concrete, innovative, effective and simple solutions.

We believe in the power of the collective
Change the world to make it a better place? We can do it. Together. Creators, citizens, non-profit organisations, large companies, local SMEs: everyone has a role to play and together we can bring out new solutions.
The added value of Ulule is the augmented impact: all projects are amplified and supported by a powerful community, individuals and businesses, who supports them.

We are open to all
Ulule is a platform and a community open to all creators whatever the ambition of their project and all companies determined to build a more diverse, more sustainable, more open world.

We are commited to diversity
Because we are convinced that diversity is an asset, Ulule aims to welcome and support a large variety of projects. From micro-local to international, from niche publishing to new generation cosmetics, all are initiatives that contribute to the world we aspire to.


Ulule For Brands: your gateway to becoming a committed player in the community

With its team of passionate individuals, Ulule have backed more than 30,000 projects, funded by millions of committed citizens and by our partner brands. Ulule is the participatory incubator to support new trends, new products and new production modes. By the end of 2019, over 30,000 projects were successfully funded on Ulule, with contributions from over 3 million users and Ulule members, coming from 174 countries. This activity amounts to over 200 million Euros in collected funds.


Ulule For Brands brings you tailor-made solution to:

  • Demonstrate your brand commitments by associating yourself with passionate creators, supported by committed consumers.
  • Strengthen your strategic positioning and nurture your values
  • Take part in the development of positive impact solutions
  • Create strong synergies between your business and your stakeholders (employees, customers and partners)
    Innovate and reach new audiences.
    And ultimately multiply the impact of beautiful stories! Together. For a better world.

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