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You are excited to…

  • Take action to illustrate your corporate commitments
  • Stand out as an agent of positive change
  • Innovate and create relevant branded content
  • Engage and unite employees around the positive impact movement


1 – Source projects that illustrate your brand values

Ulule has an unparralleled ability to source, select and promote the best projects across the globe to meet your communication needs and brand message (from women empowerment to healthy living to future mobility, etc)

Ulule filters all incoming projects before accepting them on the platform. Approximately 50% of projects are accepted based on the readiness of the project and entrepreneur. Ulule also actively recruits entrepreneurs in monthly cohorts dedicated to a specific sector. This bespoke sourcing is handled by our international experts team leveraging more than 700 networks and communities.

Offering a powerful platform for advertisers wishing to reinforce brand values through authenticity and demonstration.

2 – Engage with doers and leaders of change – and their communities

Since 2015 Ulule has been developing an event series called PitchPitch to promote the entrepreneurs’ ideas and concepts.

Each month, Ulule hosts these events around the world to help fund inspiring projects. For each event, Ulule selects a handful of succesful projects with a specific theme and invite them on stage to pitch their solution to the public and a jury. The winner is offered a grant offered by a corporate sponsor.

Ulule offers exclusive and personalised coaching to makers to help them maximise their chances of success.

Offering companies an opportunity to connect with local entrepreneurs and get involved to have a genuine impact at local/national level.

3 – Amplify the message through a seamless international media campaign

Ulule and Sparknews joined forces to build a powerful international media network gathering premium publishers across the world (a strong partnership reaching 300 million people acrossmore than 50 countries). An opportunity to associate your brand image with quality contents in key media for your strategic markets to build up credibility and reinforce the brand key messages.

Associate your brand image with quality contents in key media for your strategic markets to build up credibility and reinforce the brand key messages.

Sparknews unite the top local media within an editorial alliance with a relevant editorial line to :

  • raise the audience interest on a specific topic
  • echo the social issues related to an advertiser’s message

The program crafted and coordinated by Sparknews can last up to one month (including online activation).

Media partners we can activate include: le Figaro, El Pais, Corriere della Sera, Politiken, El Watan, Times of India, The Straits Times, Folha de Soa Paulo, Exelsior, etc…

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